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13.12.2009 09:16, Persiskope from from australia E-mail Homepage :

Im an International Mc currently traveling in the Netherlands.Ive come all the way from Australia and would love to organize some gigs or meet some cool hip hop heads while im over here.
check out the website and mixtape
thanks for your time , hope to hear back from you soon.

02.12.2009 21:46, Delta 9 Homepage :
Guerrilla Ant Army Federation shout outs to all people making it possible every time!

When you're reading this you already know.. 1love


17.11.2009 16:06, NielsG Homepage :
Yo people, always good work coming from you guys! Keep it up. Meanwhile, check out: hhtp://

09.10.2009 13:30, SOEKIakaDRC from Bronx & Lommer E-mail Homepage :

08.10.2009 18:02, CB010 from Rotterdam Homepage :
Power 2 the People!


08.10.2009 01:25, G.A.A.F. E-mail :
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Page: < 1, 2, 3, ... 21, 22, 23
Entries: 226
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